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banned movie
« : 19.05.2007, 19:42:11 ip »
Reverend Donald Wildmon's "National Federation for Decency" DOES NOT want you to see HEART of the BEHOLDER.

HEART of the BEHOLDER is based on the true story of how an average American family lost everything because they stood up to religious censorship, religious intolerance, and political corruption.

HEART of the BEHOLDER has won more Best Feature Film awards than any other independent movie ever, but has been banned from theaters and video stores because of pressure from religious extremists.

HEART of the BEHOLDER can now be seen FREE online. There is no cost, registration, or login to watch what the "religious right" doesn't want you to see.

PLEASE copy this message and pass it on to your email friends.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to

HEART of the BEHOLDER Web Theater

HEART of the BEHOLDER Website

HEART of the BEHOLDER Video Player
A. Oksa

09.01.07 21:16   <Layrah>   näin unta että sie kuolit auto-onnettomuudessa ja meille soitettiin tanne siita ja me vaan naurettiin. paskasesti. :D