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Knutepunkt 2009 Call for Programme
« : 11.12.2008, 23:44:35 ip »
Call for Programme Knutepunkt 2009

 Do you have an idea aching to be set free at this year's Knutepunkt? Join
us in making this a colorful event filled with all things strange,
meaningful, useful and fun! Our goal is that people will leave inspired and
with new tools which will make it easier to create more and better larps for
more people.  There are few limits to what you can bring to the programme,
but we have pinpointed six threads for which we in particular are soliciting

   - Creating larps – Workshops on larp design, practical aspects of larp
   production, methods for creating characters and building worlds.

   - Games – We want more games this year! Short larps and freeform
   scenarios. If you have a scenario for just a few participants, think about
   if it could be played by multiple groups simultaneously.

   - Researching larp – Presentations and debates. Have you published an
   article, a book or a thesis, or are you in the middle of the process of
   writing something which should be shared and discussed with more people?

   - Larp in "the Real World" – We want to showcase methods and experiences
   from using larp and role-playing as an educational tool. And is it possible
   to make a living out of larp-organising?

   - Rituals – Ecstatic drums, contemplative meditations and pledge of
   allegiance. Rituals are powerful equipments for building group cohesion and
   creating strong experiences in larps.

   - Get Physical – Drama and dance workshops. The body as tool and

Sign up here if you want to contribute to the